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  1. Raena Lynn

    Hello Jim,

    I’ve been stopping by lately to see if you have been posting anything about your stay in Greece! Yes, here is a wonderful article about Demetrius in Saronida! Setting your iPhone to Demetrius Talbottopolis or “Δημητρησ Ταλμπετοπολισ is hilarious!

    Saronida looks like a quaint city and what a beautiful view from your friends Verandah! Once again, you’ve managed to take some gorgeous pictures. I am looking forward to more stories and adventures whilst in Greece. By the way you look fabulous in purple!

    Raena Lynn

  2. Yorinda

    Hi Demetrius (James),

    reading your article about your experience in Greece takes me back more than 30 years, when I spend three holidays in Greece, the longest was for 3 month and mainly on Crete.

    I love your pictures, even the hazy ones.
    It sounds like you are having great ‘travelguides’ and you are learning the language and history and culture. More Ouzo and greek wine too?

    Thanks for sharing this!

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