San Marino

Where is San Marino

On our way back to Rome from an awesome visit to Venice we headed for a place called San Marino. Where is San Marino? I had no idea that such a place existed and that I was going to be able to go there. San Marino is the only Country in the world to be […]

Comfort and Joy

This car or that car

When we went to look at rental cars we had some issues. I wanted a nice comfortable ride and Chester was much more into conserving money and saving on gas. But if you can’t be comfortable while traveling…. well there’s just no point in suffering…is there? So, here’s the car I wanted to get…and we […]

Orbieto early Wednesday Morning


After leaving the home of Gennaro and Adrianna as their natural family and supports streamed in from all over we initially set our sights on Rome. But that wasn’t the best of all possible plans as Rome is congested with traffic and nowhere at all to park. We attempted using the GPS “TomTom” that we […]

Genarro 03-10-11

Il Finito Genarro

At 9:50 this morning our Gracious host Genarro passed away. Even now the family is pouring in from all over. It was my great pleasure to have known him even for this brief period of time