The Merchant at night

Sojourn to the Merchant

The Merchant was a bank in Belfast Northern Ireland. Now it is a fabulous five star hotel and spa. On the evening after our return to Belfast from the south of Ireland  four of us took a cab over there to enjoy their bar for some really fine drinks. We did this same thing four […]

Coastline of Ireland

Another Brilliantly Sunny Warm day in Ireland- Part Three

When I was in Ireland four years ago we never got to go over the rope bridge that extends across a gully and over to a small island where there was in fact a small house which served as the base camp for a Salmon fishing business. I believe it was closed then due to […]

Dun Luce Castle

Another Brilliantly Sunny Warm day in Ireland- Part Two

Lunch in Newry, Ireland

Back to Belfast

We essentially spent the day traveling from Galway to Belfast. I got to drive again and that was nice for me and a nice break for Branden. And the others had nice conversations in between naps. We managed yet another full Irish breakfast and because of that opted for a late lunch in Newry along […]

Cahir Castle- March 5, 2011

It’s a long way to Tipperary…..

Well, what we found was that it really wasn’t all that long a way to Tipperary even though we did cover a lot of miles or is that kilometers. We started out in Cahir after a lovely night’s rest in Cahir. We had arrived the night before and while it was dark and quite cold […]

From the Visitor Center Bridge

Can’t Get There From Here

Have you ever had a map troubles get there? We had a lovely map but what’s on the map isn’t on the road. We had attempted to use the back roads instead of the major thoroughfare but the severe lave of signs and anything that was recognizable between the map and the actual road kept […]