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  1. marquita herald

    Very interesting Jim … I’ve been to San Fran so many times and have always had in the back of my mind to make that treck over to Alcatraz but never seemed to find the time. Looks like it was a fascinating trip – thanks for sharing!

  2. Shari Weiss

    As a San Francisco Bay area resident, I have had many sight seeing opportunities, especially when out of towners come to visit. By far my favorite attraction, though, is Alcatraz. The interesting thing about that is that under typical circumstances, I would never have thought that would be the case.

    But the tour and grounds are fascinating — especially when you use the audio tour which is narrated in large part by the actual convicts. A really marvelous visit!

  3. Rick Salas

    Hi Jim, Alcatraz is a very interesting place to visit and I’ve always wanted to go see what it’s all about. I haven’t been there yet but your post was a pleasure to read. Nice pictures too. I’m looking forward to your next post.

    Rick Salas

  4. CJ Priestley

    Love the pictures Jim, I visited San Fran many many years ago would like to go back. When I was there I didn’t actually visit the rock not sure they allowed it back then but actually ate at a restaurant that had a nice view of the rock with a makeshift cell in the restaurant for those touristy pictures.

    I would like to take a tour of the island now to just soak in the history and all. I am reminded of the movie Escape from Alcatraz with Clint Eastwood that has been playing on tv lately. It had to be super expensive to run the prison back then had no idea all that water was shipped in not to mention other things we take for granted, actually surprised the state was funding it but still none the less had to have been a cool tour.

    Any chance of taking a “detour” on the tour ? check out some of the cells in depth or who knows what else. If you remember was the movie with Eastwood by any chance mentioned?

  5. Charles Seay

    Hello Jim,
    I see that you are working on the next piece and will be supplying more pictures. I look forward to reading the next installment and the viewing the pictures you took. You actually brought me there with your descriptions and your journey. I always thought that prison was housing prisoners for much longer than 29 years. Thanks for the history lesson and ….

    To your success,


  6. Donnie Miller

    Great post Jim – I have always been interested in Alcatraz and it’s history. One of these days I would love to visit it – thanks to you and your post I already have a head start!

    Great pics too BTW – thanks for sharing!


  7. Raena Lynn

    Hi Jim,

    Wow, I can’t get over the beauty of your photography. My daughter, who is now 23 went on a field trip to Alcatraz last year. She brought back pictures and I created a scrapbook layout of her trip. Her pictures were fine, but they didn’t come close to capturing the day as you did! When my children go away on a trip and I need to get information for journaling, it seems to be difficult because by the time they return and I ask them about the trip, they usually reply with general statements. She went on the same tour you did, however you captured the experience with stories, and descriptions which made the trip more interesting, meaningful, and graphically appealing.

    You really have a gift in writing about your journeys to all of your travel destinations! Being able to portray a 29 year old prison in this light proves that you could anything, anywhere. Thanks. I actually learned quite a bit about Alcatraz beyond the movie!

    I’m looking forward to Greece!

    Raena Lynn

  8. Roshanda Gilmore

    I enjoyed reading your journey in San Fran!

    I have never been there and find it ironic considering I’ve been living in California my whole life, lol!

    The pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing…the information re: the prison was pretty interesting to learn about.

  9. Andy Nathan


    It is one thing to go these places and just experience. It is a completely different thing to take the coolest pictures on the web! I just love your cool pics!


  10. Marc Korn

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for another great tour. It’s awesome to view all these places that I have never visited… but one day I hope to.

    Your pictures and great commentary give me the feel that I am on the tour with you…very vivid.

    I will be thinking of this post the next time I watch “Birdman of Alcatraz”

    Looking forward to “our” next trip,

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