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Hi There ~ Thanks for stopping by my about me page to find out more about me and all the things that I am about.
At this site I write about all the travels I have done and am doing. I talk about where I have been or if I have the time I might actually be posting to the blog when I am right there. I also get to show you where I am or have been as I love to take oodles and oodles of pictures.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Capri, Italy

I just love to go to all the different and interesting places in the world. I love to meet new people and try new things. I have friends all over the world now. I love spicy food and also the ethnic foods from different countries. You will never find me in an American fast food restaurant while I am traveling the world. Well actually you  won’t find me in those places anyway. I would rather experience the culture of the area I am visiting. And I prefer tasty healthy nutritious food.

Because I have had and plan to have more fabulous experiences traveling the world,it is my goal and intention to help others make extra money online so that they too can travel the world seeing and doing all that there is to do around the globe.
If you want to know more about me………..
I was born and raised in Colorado.

Home Sweet Home- Denver, Colorado

I spent most of my childhood in the Rocky Mountains. I was fortunate enough to have traveled to Mexico on five different occasions. We also went to places like Costa Rica, Panama and Haiti. At some point my mother took me to France where we saw the Chateau country. I would guess that these early travel experiences really fueled my desire to travel more.
When I was 29 I graduated from the University of Denver with an a masters in Social Work and moved to Maine. I didn’t know a soul here but I moved lock stock and barrel to the village of Topsham, Maine.
I now live in the village of Bowdoinham. The year round population here is 2600. That’s a far cry from the millions that are in my hometown of Denver. But I rather like the peace and quiet here. And places like Portland and Boston are just not that far away. Of course taking a plane to some far off country is fairly easy although I have come to realize that there are just no direct flights to anywhere from Maine.

I have found though that to be able to travel is a true passion for me. So sharing my travel experiences as well helping others to make money online as I have which pays for my worldly travels has become my greatest passion.

Jim Talbott- World Explorer

Let’s create some great income on line and then travel the world in style ~

To all your great successes,


If you’d like to connect with me here are some options:

email: Jim@travelswithjim.com

Skype = jamestalbott

8 responses to “About Me:”

  1. Joyce Penner

    Hi Jim. I had to laugh when you said you now lived in a small community of 6,000 or so. My community in rural southern Manitoba, has less than 1200 and that’s if you count the people in the graveyard ! I took it a step farther and lived 4 miles out of town so a van full of people pulling into my yard is time for a party !! Thanks for sharing a bit of the details about who you are !

    1. Jim

      @Joyce Penner Well I suppose that “small community” is relative to our own worlds. While my small community is about 6 times the size of yours, my home town is about 1600 times the size of Bowdoinham. Thanks for visiting my site. It’s nice to meet you here.

  2. Yasser Khan

    Hi Jim,

    I can feel your personality and enthusiasm shine through your posts, pics and the entire blog.

    Isn’t it an amazing experience to travel all over the world and sample life as you don’t know, while simultaneously broadening your outlook towards life in general? That’s what I love about travelling too.

    Great to meet you via TSA!


  3. glen

    this is a nice site you have here jim. even though it is you who is doing the traveling, you sharing this with us makes us feel like we had a glimpse of the places you’ve been. personally i wish i can be as well-traveled as you are. I can come with you one time.

  4. Yolanda Panda

    You are doing what I dream about doing. To be able to travel the world wherever and whenever your heart desires. I am originally from London and also loved in Zaire and now in America, so I’ve had my fare share of travels but I dream about all the places I haven’t been and want to go. I love this idea of writing about your travels. It has a very romantic feel to it as you read. And also gives me ideas of where I can go next. So thanks for sharing :0)

  5. Thaddious Thomas

    I really enjoyed meeting you and talking to you.
    It has been an absolute pleasure and I love the pictures of the many different places that you have visited. Thank you so much for sharing.

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